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Books and Projects In a Box

Bedtime with Books - Books and Projects in a Box (BwB) creates and donates magical theme-based boxes containing three picture books and an art project for 24 students enabling schools, churches, temples, and youth groups to host a story time event for their community


Our Mission

Bedtime with Books combines the importance of literacy and creativity with the enjoyment of group storytime.

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See Bedtime with Book’s 4 main areas of impact and the disparities that those impacts address:


Children in Low Income Families Not Reading proficiently


Students not in line with current grade-level reading four times more likely to drop out of high school


Only 38% of children ages 6-8 are read to


Our Program

Not every child enjoys reading. But as reading is such an important aspect of early development, creating a means to transform a child’s attitude towards reading is crucial. During Bedtime with Books events, children enjoy stories in the company of their friends/classmates, and the readers make the stories an interactive experience.



BwB fosters literacy in communities where children may not have access to books. By providing these resources, schools + organizations can both actively surround children with books at events, and expand their libraries or collections.



By combining the importance of reading with the enjoyment of a
group interactive activity, BwB establishes an association of reading with fun. By linking a festive gathering of friends and parents with listening to stories, BwB forms a successful connection.

Reading Aloud

BwB emphasizes the importance of reading aloud by providing an easy template for organizations/schools to follow to host a storytime event. Active literary participation is vital to ensure that children are truly progressing in their reading skills. BwB ensures that recipients of BwB boxes are committed to creating a storytime event.



BwB’s art projects provide tangible reminders of the memorable experience children have at their storytime. Additionally, not all children have easy access to art supplies and the opportunity of designated time for creative expression, especially considering recent arts education cuts across the country.

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December 2018

Sharing time with children, providing them with special attention, reading stories that are educational from a place of love, care and emotion, are just a few examples of the very unique and genuine impact Ryan’s program has on communities everywhere he touches.

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