December 2018

Sharing time with children, providing them with special attention, reading stories that are educational from a place of love, care and emotion, are just a few examples of the very unique and genuine impact Ryan’s program has on communities everywhere he touches. We have many kids coming from broken homes, having single parents, or circumstances further exacerbated by Hurricane Maria, so knowing someone spends time with them really does make a difference. 

Puerto Rican Service Organization



March 2019

My class at 93rd Street Elementary are enjoying the fun story time activities provided by your story box. My class really enjoys the activities as it help them with reading comprehension, retelling and important "wh" questions. Thank you for the support.


May 2017

This program not only brought new parents to our PTA meetings (a huge plus for us), but created an hour of spirited engagement and reading aloud, incorporating a teacher who stayed after a long day of school and gave an opportunity for our 4th & 5th graders to help lead the activities.

Former La Ballona PTA President



April 2017

The impact of having elementary school students, parents, and teachers gather once a month for an evening of art, books, cookies and milk, cannot be overstated.  Young students are inspired by having their teachers and administrators come read to them outside of school, and, evening gatherings strengthen school community spirit and communication.

Former Beverly Hills High School Principal